Wednesday, September 24, 2014


we took our annual trip to six flags. we shook things up this year by taking henry. i wasn't sure how it was all going to go down, but it ended up being great. we split up - me & henry, dave & hallie. they rode the coasters and we stayed close to the bathrooms (potty training).
he did great, btw. i took his little potty ring and he went every time i put him on. now he just needs to tell us when he has to go! and poop. we have yet to have a successful poop on the potty.
he took a nap on the train. it was pretty cute. he was 100% sacked out.
hallie loves the rides, but needed some time to recoup in between. they took lots of breaks for nachos, slushies, etc. we met back up with them and followed them around. it really was fun to be there with just our little family. we have a pretty good thing going.
we stayed at phil and kath's and henry was obsessed with their dog, Charlie. i bet he said her name a thousand times while we were there. "charlie! charlie! you need a hug, charlie? you need to go outside, charlie? charlie? charlie!" it was really cute. 

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