Thursday, September 11, 2014


things came together perfectly. we had an amazing time, even though the girls didn't make it through the whole concert. that's what happens when they don't start until 9:30pm. whaaaaat?! crazy.
i love these girls so much.
 we stayed in an amazing apartment that was so close to soldier field we could listen to the sound check. it was perfect. a six minute walk, totally and completely safe. the view was insane.
 our seats were terrible, but the girls thought they WERE THE BEST SEATS EVER! you could see everything! thank you video screens!
 blue teeth.
 and then they bought souvenirs. a t-shirt was $40. they did not buy a t-shirt, but instead bought $10 bits of fabric to use as headbands and a necklace (hallie) and a VIP pass thingy (kenz). later we bought $15 crappy glow sticks. I AM A SUCKER.
 (the girls were taking selfies. i thought it was hilarious)
 uh oh. getting tired.
 there was supposedly an 80% chance for rain. not a single drop and the temperature was glorious. the sun set over soldier field and it was the best day ever.
 so many girls.
 giant, vein-y hand.
 we went to yolk for breakfast the next morning. delicious.
 and home!
the end.

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