Tuesday, September 23, 2014


this girl is a TROOPER.
her wrist is just about healed, so she thought she should just go ahead and break her finger.
dave shut the closet door with hallie's hands near the hinges. good stuff.
poor thing has an open fracture of the top knuckle of her middle-right finger, severely damaged the nail bed and created quite a gash on the side.
the result was a trip to the local ER for four hours, and a trip to the springfield ER for another two and a half hours to have a plastic surgeon fix things.
she had to have five stitches for the nail bed and two on the side for the gash. it was nasty. they had to take the nail off. GROSS.
she was really, really, really scared, but was so brave and didn't cry. she got teary when they were talking the shot and then whimpered a bit when they were doing it. but she was so, so good. love that girl.

so tired. it was so late.
no more broken bones.

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  1. soooooo sorry to hear this. Hallie is a trooper. Prayers for quick healing.