Monday, September 29, 2014


started off bad, bad, bad. ended up good, good, good.
it was really, really sad without mike. like, a big crappy reminder of his death. as if we could forget, but man this really shoved it back in our faces.
and then the combine broke down and the semi got stuck and dave was getting really frustrated and i almost broke the tractor. it was so awesome. but we had this great, mature moment where we gave each other lots of grace, accepted apologies and moved on.
it took eight hours to get one load of corn. it was a long day.
but then (!) yesterday went without a hitch. so that's good. and they are in the fields now, so please everyone say earnest prayers that nothing breaks down or gets stuck. please and thank you. your prayers mean so much, you have no idea.
harvest is always my favorite time of year, and definitely henry's. his dedication to the combine is second to none, and my dedication to his dedication is very...dedicated. case in point: it was hot, hot, hot yesterday and the ac is out in the combine. it felt like the pits of hell had opened and were fanning the flames in our direction. i don't know how chad sat in that inferno all day long. IT WAS HOT.
but henry was happy to sit in the heat, occasionally saying, "uncle chad! corn!" and pointing.
i am grateful for this harvest time. it brings us all together. it's hard to miss mike, but it's bearable when we are together.

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