Monday, April 21, 2014


this weekend was good for my soul.
we celebrated easter and (hopefully) kept the focus on the ressurection of Jesus Christ. but we also spent the weekend outside, in the warm sunshine and fresh air! it was a glorious weekend and i have a happy heart and sunburned nose to show for it.
*hallie asked if the easter bunny was real. i decided to tell her the truth and then she choose not to believe me. in other words, she isn't ready to give up the myth. i'm okay with that, but truth-be-told, the easter bunny is one myth i'm okay with giving up. SO WEIRD.
*i planted four rows of spinach in my garden. this is the fourth year i have planted spinach and in four years, i've not had a single plant. i'm hoping that getting them in while the ground is colder will help them grow. the rest of the garden i am hoping to do in a few weeks.
*i gave hallie about four feet of garden space to do her own thing. she got seeds from a presentation at school and planted them all willy-nilly. she will probably do better than i will.
*i left all of my class stuff at work...accidentally! it turned out to be great. i wasn't stressed out doing school work. i'm taking tomorrow off to get a good start (!) and am looking forward to thinking about something else after may 9th.
*i tried to make my deviled eggs look like baby chicks. total fail.
*henry fell in the pond at dave's uncles house on easter sunday. fun times. (see picture below)
*hallie has strep throat. she's been complaining for DAYS, but i assume allergies. DANG.












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