Friday, April 18, 2014


made it! friday!
*hallie woke up before 5am today. i don't know. 4:56am.
*i woke up at 5:12am and went to exercise. i really grumpy, but then i wasn't.
*after going home, showering, getting ready for work, getting kids ready for the day and taking them to the sitters, i bought six dozen glazed donuts.
*buying donuts made me think about sarah (hi, sarah! i owe you an email!). we used to pick up a dozen donuts at super wal-mart in kirksville and eat the entire box while we did our grocery shopping. we would have the cashier ring up the empty box and giggle hysterically. wow. i can't imagine why we gained weight in college?!
*speaking of pigging out, henry has been eating so much more lately! it used to be such a struggle to get him to eat...period. and then he would only want carbs, carbs, carbs (see above, i wonder why?!). but now we are getting him to eat! woo-hoo! still lots of carbs, but more! the pictures below he ate an entire hotdog, club crackers, applesauce, lots of ketchup (straight up) and a ton of peanut butter. and some chips. nutritious! (not).
*today is a beautiful day. sunny and warm-ish. we have a relatively calm weekend and it's GOOD FRIDAY! we love you, jesus! thank you for dying on the cross for us. #understatement
(my view down our lane driving in from working out this morning. so peaceful.)

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