Wednesday, April 16, 2014


*i had class last night. i talked to the other seven students and pretty sure we are all on the same page with the final project, which makes me feel better. i also took some days off in the upcoming weeks to get some good work done on it. so, that's good.
*i'm really into wearing heels these days. like, every work day i'm wearing heels and being all professional and such. it's a new work keri. dress for the part, blah blah blah.
*ROAR by katie perry is my work soundtrack. i listen to it every morning after i drop hallie off until i get to work.
*unless i'm listening to one directions. ya know, market research and whatnot. (but seriously. midnight memories, great song. did i just admit that?)
*i'm going to colorado in a week! i can't wait to see my brother and his family and celebrate baby kate coming in july!

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