Monday, April 14, 2014


i know it's been a long time. and it will probably be a long time yet, but i am checking in. life is pretty overwhelming right now, and i just haven't had much time to blog. as much as i would love to document this time of my life, i need to maintain my sanity, so somethings gotta go. like blogging.
i will keep checking in with updates and hopefully pictures/video.
so here you go for now:
henry is a terror. very much into the terrible twos, but in the sweetest way possible. he loves to push those boundaries...and stare at you the whole time, waiting for you to tell him know.
he goes to time out quite a bit. and the second you put him in the chair, he starts asking "all done? all done? all done?" it's pretty hysterical.
no news on potty training. we haven't even tried and i'm okay with that. he's not ready. he's talking more and more (in the sweetest voice ever!), but other than commenting on his weiner and "mommy's weiner," he's not quite there yet.
oh, hallie. she is so smart and sensitive. love that girl. she is such a reader. i find her with a flashlight under the covers at night. she takes after her mama and nana :)
she loves to be outside - loves nature. loves to "work out," and is just a really sweet kid. is obsessed with tv. again, takes after her mama!
as for me, blah. if i make it out of this class alive, it will be a miracle. i am stressed to the max. i have a ridiculous project due in may...and i barely understand what it's about. trying not to complain, but there you go. other than that, i'm great :) and i have a great family, so that is the best thing.
dave is great. he recommended that i hire a cleaning lady, which i'm NOT going to take as insult. i'm going to see that as him recognizing my needs. it will take one thing off my plate, and for that i'm grateful.
the end.


  1. I'm here! Thanks for the laugh this morning. "mommy's wiener"? Take Dave up on the offer and hang in there... you can do it!! I love your sweet family.