Tuesday, April 15, 2014


*at night before bed, henry and i say "good night" to the many important people in his life. we go through daddy, mommy, hallie, pets, grandparents, aunts/uncles and more. he loves it and we usually go through it 3-4 times before i end it with, "good night HENRY!" and then put him into bed. what i love is that i can hear him going through the list all by himself when he thinks no one can hear him. precious.
*hallie had her feelings hurt the other night by someone she loves very much about something she was very proud of. i was pumping her up - gotta get that self-esteem back up! - and after sitting quietly for a minute she told me, "i am so glad that god made you my mom. i really need someone that encourages me the way that you do." it was all i could do not to start bawling.
*dave is home! life is better when dave is home!
*class tonight. please pray for my final project. i am stressing out about it majorly. i need to get a good start on it and then i will feel much better. i will start this weekend. eek.
*this weather has officially ticked me off. the winter was long and hard, but we made it to the sunshine! i wore flipflops on saturday! and it SNOWED yesterday. i hate illinois.
*if you see me rocking out in the car to one direction, it's only because i'm taking hallie and kenz to see them in chicago at the end of august. so, it's really research. i need to learn the words!

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