Thursday, June 5, 2014


pictures as promised!

actually, BUMMER. apparently I deleted a ton of pictures on accident. this is all i have!

so i will go into more detail with mah wordz.

we headed to st. louis after Mackenzie and Maggie's dance recital and made it there in time to play and just hang out before not getting any sleep that night. apparently henry can't sleep without his crib companions - bear, the other bear, puppy, monkey and elmo - and had a really, really, REALLY hard time sleeping both nights. it was rough.

the next morning we were up and at 'em early, headed to the zoo. we had an absolute blast. it rained on us all morning (cold!), but we hung out in the sting ray exhibit for a looong time, petting sting rays and sharks. we had to pry hallie away.

around nap time, i took henry on the train and he had a nice snooze. we stayed at the zoo for 6 and a half hours and probably could have stayed longer. both kids (and adults) loved it. best day ever.

^^^ the only picture i have. nice.
the next day we went to grant's farm. it was a beauuuutiful day. the animals weren't super cool to look at because, hello, we were at the ZOO the day before. but we had snowcones, got freaked out by the goats and rode the carousel a ton. it was a really good day.

^^^ picture of henry at grandma lucille's house in the puddle, just because.

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