Thursday, June 5, 2014


dave is gone practically all of june, so we decided to take a mini-family vaca to have some special bonding time before he left. it ended up being one of my favorite trips ever. everything worked out perfectly and we had a fabulous time, just our little family.
we left thursday afternoon to go to a cardinals game. hallie won free tickets from a school fundraiser and it ended up being a beautiful afternoon. dave + hallie are total partners in crime. they just chummed around together while I schlepped around the food and whatnot. and took pictures. i promise i was there.
meanwhile, henry + aunt kathy = BFF forever
and now, ozark pictures!
henry was a total water bug, which shocked me. but he loved it.
 ^^^not a good picture. of any of them.
 ^^^beer in the hand, that's my girl!
the end.

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