Monday, June 9, 2014


well, it happened. henry turned three. i mean, i tried to keep him from growing up, but it's just not possible anymore.
i sure do love this boy. we celebrated his birthday tuesday  night before dave had to leave for the week with a small family party.
i have video of us singing him happy birthday, but it's at home, dang. it was so sweet. he wasn't sure why people were singing 'happy birthday' at first, but when he figured out it was for him...he just smiled so sweetly. his lemon birthday cake had wallykazam figurines on it (his favorite!), but of course i don't have any pictures. dang.
it was just a nice, slow, quiet party. the best kind :)
yesterday, he officially turned three. he got a donut cake for breakfast with a candle, and i sang him happy birthday, just the two of us, since his sister was still snoozing away.
he got to blow out the candle four times. he was so happy. and then he decided to touch it. not happy.

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