Tuesday, May 27, 2014


*all done with potty training! i mean, for now. in other words, we quit. at the end of day 2. it was just stressing HIM out and he just wasn't ready. let's not traumatize the poor kid, okay? and yes, he will be three soon and you can suck it if you think that bothers me. the kid is his own person. it will happen when he's ready. in henry's words "ALL DONE." (for now).
*we had a fabulous weekend. went to st. louis and stayed with papapa and gma bev. we hit up the zoo and grant's farm and just had a fabulous time. henry went 100% nap-free yesterday and we survived! he didn't even melt down or anything...we just put him to bed a little earlier. EASY.
*i don't have much, but will post more tomorrow. i'm really tired.
i leave you with a picture of henry playing in a puddle last night. pictures of the zoo/grant's farm tomorrow.

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