Wednesday, May 14, 2014


hump day. i hate that it's called hump day. weird.
i had my final class last night! i mean, my final class for this semester. three more courses to go and i am d-o-n-e, woo hoo! now, i just need to make sure i passed! the only grade our professor has handed back ALL SEMESTER LONG has been for an 11 point paper. that's it. so who knows at this point?
WHO CARES AT THIS POINT? (me, of course)
so anyway.
i have this overwhelming feeling of having something to do, but not knowing what it is.
dave leaves today and then his summer schedule picks up. he's gone for the majority of june. my goal is to keep the kids super, super busy.
henry's birthday is coming up! i've decided to start potty training him - EEK. starting next friday. good times.
so that's all i've got today! i did find this picture the other day. so precious.

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