Thursday, May 15, 2014


some sample questions taken from a blog ( this morning:

Would you rather be lost in a desert or at sea? desert
Would your rather make more money or get more vacation time? vacation time
Would you rather meet your ancestors or your great-grandchildren? great-grandchildren
Would you rather be able to eat anything you wanted forever or get rid of all your fears? FOOD
Would you rather take a vacation to a city or the beach? beach. maybe.
Would you rather be an amazing cook or an amazing dancer? cook.
Would you rather camp or stay in a hotel? hotel.
although i wish i was the type of person who would rather camp. but i'm not.
Would you rather always be a little too hot or a little too cold? cold? hmm.

i love stuff like this :)


we're going to start pottytraining henry on monday. i'm nervous, but hoping he will catch on quick. he is so smart, but still so sloooow in some areas. i'm not even sure he can pull his own pants down?! we'll find out.

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