Friday, May 9, 2014


*done! submitted! finished!

*my final project for my class is done-zo and i am so grateful-o. shout out to sarah for being my editor extraordinaire! love you girl! thanks for not having that baby until your proofed my paper ;)

*wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! i feel a huge sense of relief now! i can breath! i've been singing "let it go" from frozen all morning. it's replaced my one direction...for now.

*now onto recital weekend! my dad is already here - we had dress rehearsal last night and it was wonderful. now, recitals tonight and tomorrow and then we are in the count down until school ends!

i am seriously feeling SO GOOD RIGHT NOW.

(hallie at her tumbling recital)

(my paper-writing setup)

(waiting on a train, blaring "let it go" and probably embarrassing myself)

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