Friday, August 23, 2013


we had our annual back to school supper wednesday night. we waited until dave was home. hallie was totally grouchy about...salad (?) maybe....i sat in the wrong spot? i don't remember and i'm sure she doesn't either. she is totally BEAT after school. i love it. wear her out!
anyway, we just had tacos, fresh fruit and corn, chips and salsa (minus the salsa, because i forgot) and ice cream sandwiches for dessert. good times. oh, and of course we had sparkling cider in fancy goblets, even though hallie refused to "cheers!" with me.
how rude.
the theme for this year is "FOCUS" and "BE A FRIEND." i want her to be friendly to everyone and stick up for anyone being picked on. i want her to stay away from bratty, mean girls and boys and be niiiiiiice.

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