Monday, August 19, 2013


today was hallie's first day of second grade. i have pictures and could tell you all about how excited she was this morning...and i will. later.
but right now all i can think about are two teenagers, two young kids, someone's babies, who will not be starting school at all this year.
this is a pretty tight community. our kids go to jacksonville schools, but our hearts are in a small community just north, where we go to church. it's where dave grew up, where he went to school and where most of our friends reside.
and our community lost two kiddos on saturday night in a terrible car accident.
a sophomore and a senior, girl and boy.
brother and sister.
i can't even fathom what those parents are going through right now. both their children. their only children. gone.
it makes me want to scream and cry and never let my children out of my sight.
it also makes me feel out of control, since obviously we have no control.
but God does. and He's the only one who does. there's a plan, there's something in this mess that means something. i just don't know if we will ever find out in our lifetime.
i pray for the families.
i pray for the friends and all of the kid mourning right now. there are so many.
i pray for the person (another community member) who hit them. it wasn't his fault, but his life will forever be different.
it is heartbreaking. so, so heartbreaking. it's hard to think about anything else.
but i have my own babies and they are growing up before my eyes.
i don't want to miss a single second.
rest in peace, peyton and zoe o'neil.

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