Tuesday, August 6, 2013


this summer has been busy and wonderful and i've been putting blogging waaaay on the backburner. i don't even want to be blogging this second, but i want to make sure i document hallie's seventh birthday before she turns eight.
i'm not sure how this:
became this:
when did she turn seven?! she is going into second grade in a few weeks. time, it flies. i just can't believe that my darling baby girl has grown up to be seven. seven.
i love her so much. she is sensitive and demanding and loves jesus so much. she never stops talking (ever) and still wants me to lay with her at night. she is a hypochondriac with "weak ankles," who loves horses and wants to be a horse trainer when she grows up.
she has more sass than i'm sure i ever did (haha) and can act so mature, but look so young at the same time. she is a magnificent traveler and a lover of popsicles and television.
she loves nature and climbing trees and playing/tormenting henry. she is smart as a whip and got straights o's on her last report card...in everything except for physical education (she is definitely my child) - and that was an s+.
man, i love her.
we had another swim party for her - rented out the municipal swimming pool and invited the besties. a horse cake with red icing was her only request.
it was perfect. except i didn't get a single "normal" picture of her. that's hallie.

  (a rainbow!)

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