Friday, August 16, 2013


i want to redecorate my office. i do.
there is nothing worse than working in a space for 8-9 hours a day that has very little reflection on your personality.
actually, there are lots of things worse than that. but still.
i want my office to be a pretty place. if it had a window, even better. i mean it does have a window, a huuuuge one, but it looks out into our main reception/hallway area. so no natural light. boo.
i also don't want to spend anymore, so there's that. this will be tricky.
first things first, i added some plants. i'm breathing better already ;)
next up is some simple, graphic art. it was originally supposed to be in the basement bathroom, but i think that it is very appropriate, since i work at a college. perfect, actually. and, it's pink.
i also brought in a little wooden cup that my dad made from a chunk of wood. (see above).
next up is some chalkboard paint. oh yes.
and a new clock that has been in henry's closet forever. i'm basically raiding my old stuff.

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