Monday, July 21, 2014


this has been a really sad weekend.
i think reality is sinking in. he's really dead, not returning. I'm so sad for barb. i'm sad for dave and melissa too, but man, i am so so sad for barb.
these were the two songs we played at the funeral. the first, 'abide with thee' was chosen by lucille. this was the hymn she wanted. however, the version the funeral home had was warbling and ....just not mike. so, we found this version and it was perfect. simple with some steel guitar. just, perfect.
the second was chris tomlin's 'amazing grace, my chains are gone.' such a pretty song.

the mason sound guys were honorary pallbearers and all wore their mason shirts. henry laid on the floor and stared up at mike. so many people came and stayed for the committal at the cemetery. it was a blazing hot day, and all of those guys in black shirts, i can only imagine.
mike was buried at arcadia cemetery, a beautiful, peaceful community cemetery. the funeral procession made its way out of town and the route was such that mike was able to go by his home once more. we had a semi parked in front of the house and the neighbor blew the horn as we drove by. dave, melissa and lucille rode with barb in mike's black dodge, which chad and i and the (antsy) kids drove in their durango. i'm glad i wasn't with barb. i would have lost it driving by that house.
the pallbearers drove the fly-by-night, mason tour bus to the cemetery, and it made quite a statement. but so perfect.
the casket spray was white roses. we are having jewelry made from it. it was beautiful.
we had a hard time leaving the cemetery.

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