Monday, July 28, 2014


and so, we went to my mom's place at the ozarks this weekend. and it was lovely.
it worked out that dave had a sound job down there and could join our water festivities. and barb + melissa and kids were down that weekend too, so we did some shuttling and a good time was had by all.
we also celebrated dave, hallie and henry's birthdays with an apple pie and lots of pool time. henry is obsessed with the pool and toodle-ing (it's a word - look it up) around in the duck boat. he could have "swam" around in the pool all day.
btw - swimming for henry means going up and down the steps, and then having me "swim" him around the pool. i'll take it!
also, the sound job was for pam tillis and lorri morgan at a local winery. and who knew, but they rocked my world. and so did the fireworks show afterwards. amazing!
the end.

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