Monday, July 21, 2014


so, henry.

I tell ya.

we had him evaluated last tuesday for some eating and sensory issues to see if there was anything WRONG or if it was just him being an exceptionally picking three-year old.


it turns out there ARE things that are "wrong" (<<<not the right word, but you know what i mean)with him that we are going to address with some therapy.

we are going to work on his whole "breathing through is mouth instead of his nose while he's eating" thing that is apparently something that gets in the way of eating/tasting/everything. go figure.

so it's that, plus the muscles around his perfect mouth aren't developed and neither is his chewing.

all things that can be FIXED, which is great. he has some mild sensory stuff, but will be addressed during the session, as will his delay in speech.

the team is fabulous and henry has them wrapped around his little finger already.

so there's that.

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