Thursday, July 11, 2013


we rented a house on the beach. i mean, as close to the beach as humanly possible. it could not have been more perfect.
it was four bedrooms, perfect for my brother and his family, plus my family and dad.
we watched dolphins and sting rays from the back deck and ate together as a family for every meal. the kids were back and forth from the beach and i did my school work on my bed with the sliding doors open, a view of the ocean and the feel of the ocean breeze. it was heaven.
henry wasn't sure about the sand. he held his sand-covered hands out like, "get this stuff off. now." and then he wasn't a fan of being stripped down hosed off in the outdoor shower, no sirree. i mean, come on.
 however, the next day and every day after that he was a total beach bum. he loved playing with his trucks and tractor in the sand and even fell asleep while dave walked around holding him in the waves. pretty cute.

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