Monday, July 15, 2013


back in june, henry turned two.


it was actually sorta hard.
my baby is two.

we ignored his actual birthday and waited for dave to come home to celebrate. we did a small family party on a tuesday evening. i made cupcakes right before everyone showed up and we sat around and visited.

it was low key. it was perfect. it was henry.
this boy is our sunshine. he is so precious and was well worth the wait.
he loves elmo and baby einstein
he loves being tickled and tossed around on the bed
he is obsessed with tractors and anything with wheels
he is a fabulous sleeper - sleeps all night and takes a monster nap in the afternoon.
he looooves to be outside to throw rocks
he never eats. except for fruit snacks and granola bars. this morning he ate half a pancake, a piece of turkey sausage and two grapes and i was like, YEEHAW - FIST PUMP!!!!!!!!!!! it was a huge moment.
he throws his sippy cup on the floor after each sip. no joke. it makes me want to claw my eyes out.
his favorite people are dave, lucille, irma, me and hallie. probably in that order.
happy birthday, my sweet son.
now excuse me while i go cry.


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