Wednesday, July 10, 2013


where has this last month gone? i'll tell you where! VACATION!
we spent some time in gulf shores followed by a week at the ozarks and i tell you WHAT, it's hard to get back to reality. i could just be on vacation all the time, please and thank you.
darn those responsibilities. life. i tell ya.
anyway, i am sloooowly getting a grip on how many pictures i took on vacation and will share them on the blog for memory's sake. however, going through these pictures makes me WANT TO CRY because i want to be back. take me back! now!
gulf shores, alabama has the prettiest beaches i've ever seen in my life. i've been to floria, hawaii, maine, the freaking mediterranean. alabama takes the cake. white sugar sand beaches. squeaks when you walk, it's so fine. unreal.
we left on a friday, arrived on a saturday and immediately settled into beach life. which is the only kind of life, really. i have so many pictures, imma gonna split them out over the next few days.
it was fine. i mean, my dad drives *cautiously* and we had one mishap where we had to re-trace our steps about, oh, two and a half hours when we go to the ferry. but it was FINE.
the kids were champs in the car. hallie had a half of a dramamine and then slept for four hours the first day. yikes. i only gave her a quarter the next and she was fine :)
henry was...well, he survived. we all survived.
we stayed over at a hotel and then conquered the rest of the drive the next day. that was the roughest by far.

but then we arrived at the beach and that made everything better.
more tomorrow.

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