Monday, February 2, 2015


don't you judge me. i am a hippie, i can't help it.
i really wanted to find out more because I'd been having a hard time with anxiety - couldn't breathe in a deep breath, lots of stress etc. and henry wasn't sleeping at night and having weird bloody noses.
i didn't want to go on any meds for anxiety and i needed to do something with henry and his sleeping, so that's basically why i started looking into my voodoo oils. there are a few people that i love that use them and aren't weirdos, so i didn't feel totally strange about the whole thing.
so i started researching. i "took" a facebook class and learned about the oils in the starter kit and what they can be used for. and then i researched more online about the different companies and whatnot. young living is the company that the ladies i love use, and has the best/most pure oils/reviews/etc.
i decided to do the kit, because it comes with 11 oils and a diffuser. so i did it and LOVE IT SO MUCH OH MY GOSH YES I DO. i love my snake oils.
on myself, i use daily:
joy (mood lifter/balancer, happy oil)
valor (anxiety, confidence builder, smells like freaking blueberries)
stress away (duh)
peace & calming
peppermint (energy in the afternoon, headaches)
citrus fresh (calming, mental clarity, smells incredible)
i have had a super annoying cough. RC broke up the nasty and I'm finally over it with no cough medicines.
i also sometimes have canker sores on my stupid tongue (too much sugar) and the tea tree oil helped immediately. gone. amazing.                                                                       
on henry, daily:
cedarwood (focus, mood stabilizer)
stress away (around the 5pm hour)
valor (at night to help with sleep, chills him out)
lavender (helps him sleep better than anything else)
frankincense and lemon (on his spine to help him stop coughing)
RC (on his chest to break up the mucus - this stuff is incredible)
on hallie, daily:
cedarwood on her hair part (helps hair to grow!)
peace & calming (to help her chill/sleep)
valor and joy (in the morning before school)
panaway (on her wrist, to help with pain)
headache blend (to help with her headaches)
lavender (for eczema)
on dave, when he lets me:
anything - he's pretty good about letting me slather him with crap. i will use panaway on his sore spots, i used tea tree oil on a rash on his ankle (cleared it right up!), and whatever else i want. he is good to me.
i love that i can use oils on my kids without worrying about side effects from meds. i have no issues with medicine at ALL, and use it whenever needed, but if i can stop something or help with oils, I'm doing it. i love my oils.
they can help with so many things! cholesterol, kidney stones, eczema, ear infections, burns, scars, wrinkles, sore/strep throat, everything. I'm totally sold, because even if one doesn't work for something, it's not HURTING anything, ya know?  no side effects!
so if you smell something when i come near, it's just my oil :) i am a weirdo, yes.
okay, that's all.

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