Monday, October 13, 2014


friday would have been mike's 60th birthday. it was a hard day, but was a fun night. it got pretty stupid there at the end, which he would have loved.
his son especially, he would have gotten a kick out. actually, both of his kids were in rare form. it was hilarious. HILARIOUS.
driving dave home was the opposite of hilarious. but that's not a story for this blog.
he played drums with madd hoss, and did a beautiful job.
 and guitar too? with lots of crazy feedback at the end. such a rockstar.
and then he played drums with Kentucky Headhunters. and some air guitar too. and commandeered the microphone quite a bit.
and we enjoyed good, good friends and family who came out to celebrate mike's birthday.
he was missed. he should have been on stage playing guitar and laughing at dave. he should have done the talk box weird thing on rocky mountain way.
they brought us all out on stage, mason sound guys and family and dave was supposed to say something appropriately sad and poignant....but that's not how dave rolls.
and anyway, it was a great night.
the end.

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