Thursday, September 26, 2013


bummer, is what it is. i can't figure out what the problem is and i don't feel like messing with it.
things are good. really good.
we've got a wonderful "nanny" that picks hallie up everyday after school. they go to the library or a park or somewhere super fun to play and do homework. they work on math and reading and do homework together.
it's really, really nice. really nice.
our nanny even takes her to her lessons after school, which means we have zero evening activities. it is like a whole new life for us. we eat supper whenever we want to. no more rushing to cook/eat before we have to leave again for dance or horses. it's all done right after school. so nice.
hallie still loves horses. she wants to be a horse trainer when she grows up. she loves her new hiphop class at the new dance studio. we switched for a million reasons and have not once regretted it. she's having the time of her life. no more sadness about dance. it's life changing for her, and us.
henry is...well, he's two. he has moments of defiance that are hysterical and frustrating. he is so sweet and smart and talking so much. he loves a particular dora book and wants us to read it to him all. the. time. and by read, i mean that we're supposed to say, "where's the yellow fish? where's dora?" and then he points. if you take too long to ask him, he does it himself, "weeeeehs da tchicken?" it's ridiculously cute.
dave is home more and the activity-free evenings mean we have more time for family time.
we went to a cardinals game with wonderful friends on tuesday night. felt young again :)
i need to deep clean my house, but decided to put it off for a few years until i'm not tired anymore.
my monday night class is killing me. the workload is light, but the drive to springfield every, single monday makes for an extremely long night for me. i'm so tired. not loving school right now. i think online classes are where it's at. i am an online girl. give me my couch, laptop, some tea and a fuzzy blanket and i'm set. only a few more months though. i can do it.
speaking of cooking (waaaay above), i don't feel like it anymore. i need to be back in a groove. i did good last night. everyone was happy, except henry, who doesn't eat anything (except chicken nuggets, granola bars, fish sticks (!!), pancakes and various fruits. and beans.).
i have so many precious pictures to share, but have to find out a way to stop my server from rejecting them. hmm. any hints?
the end.

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