Wednesday, October 9, 2013


man, today is shaping up to be a good one!
this weather is killer,
lots of stuff checked off my to-do list,
two pregnant friends (!!!),
and a friendly owl two days in a row,
wheeeee! it's a good week!
i'm also going to back up a bit to this previous weekend. we had a teeny weinie roast for the kiddos (and grandma lucille, and matt snodgrass  - random!) that was a lot of fun.
hallie also spent almost the whole weekend at her favorite place - the stables. her riding instructor has a world-famous horse trainer come three times a year to do lessons and people come from all over.
hallie got to help brush the horses, lead them and give them their cookies.
she was in heaven. absolute heaven.
there were other little horsey girls there too, so that was great too - like-minded friends!
(do you see the owl? on the fence post. hallie says it's harry potter's owl, but DUH HALLIE, hp's owl is white. #nerdalert)

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